Beauty is where we feel at home. Where everything is vibrant life. Where questions become silent.


I have experienced this "place" very often, and I love to tell of it in my music. See if it guides you back home, too.

I was born in Kassel in 1978. When I was 9, I discovered composing, trying to equal the young Sergej Prokofieff. At the same time, I started playing the cello. From now on, I hardly paid attention to anything else than listening to music, writing music and playing music. Still during my school years, I won several composition competitions in Germany and abroad. Composer Michael Denhoff and his teacher György Kurtág had been my primary guides and teachers.


In 1999, I began my composition studies with Prof. Friedhelm Döhl. Besides, I also studied Theory of Music (with Prof. Aloyse Michaely) and Ear Training (with Erasmus Zipfel) and took up private cello studies with Christoph Schmidt. In 2010, I acquired a campanula built by Helmut Bleffert and began to specialize in this magical instrument. I owe some fine-tuning to the baroque cellist Prof. Gerhart Darmstadt (Hamburg).


From 2003 to 2015 I was an editor for Contemporary Music at Breitkopf & Härtel, supervising the living composers. So I have been given the chance to become acquainted with Contemporary Music and their composers "from the other side of the desk". Amongst others, I worked together with Helmut Lachenmann, Hans Zender, Isabel Mundry and Hanspeter Kyburz. A very special kind of Music studies for which I am most grateful.


In 2015, I became a self-employed composer, cellist and music lecturer. Over the course of two years, I instructed students at MenschMusik Hamburg in different musical subjects; today, I am teaching composition at that institution. Since the beginning of 2017, I am a lecturer for "Musical Consciousness" (a comprehensive subject blending music theory, music history, ear training and phenomenology) in Athens (Greece) and Sofia (Bulgaria). In this connection, I increasingly learn to trace back the complexity of musical details to the essential phenomena of music - the "play of light and darkness", as Goethe would say.

Since 2020, I am offering soul coaching: 


As a sideline, I am authoring books on storytelling Das unsichtbare Buch, 2014) and basic spirituality (The Spiritual Minimalist and Boost Your Mood, 2018). I discovered that the underlying forces of music are actually the same as those of life altogether.


I am the father of seven children and an enthusiastic practitioner of Wim Hof Method, a simple yet deeply effective training program combining breathing exercises and cold exposure.


My works have been performed, among others, by I Cameristi della Scala (Milano), Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Capella Istropolitana, Virtuosi di Praga, Julius and Hyun-Jung Berger, Wilson Hermanto, Susanne Kessel, Minguet Quartet, and Quatuor Danel.